My Personal Short Story

I don’t have many hobbies. I mostly read and watch Netflix, but sometimes I write. I have never been very serious about my writing until recently. I went through many life changes in the past few months, and my career choice was one of them.

In middle school and part of high school, I wanted to be a pharmacist. Then I took Introduction to Psychology through a local college my Junior year. I completely changed my mind, and I decided I wanted to be a research psychologist. I continued taking college classes in high school, and I applied to about a dozen colleges.

I had scored a 33 on my ACT, and received a full ride to multiple colleges as a result. I was stuck choosing between Centre College and New York University. These two colleges have almost nothing in common. The only similarity is that I would receive an amazing education from either one of them. I chose Centre because of the location and cost. It was closer to home and much less expensive.

I went to Centre for one day. I hadn’t even started taking classes, yet. I was just not ready to move somewhere strange without anyone I knew close to me. I came home and enrolled in an online psychology program. I was almost a junior whenever I dropped out of my second college.

I started over at a community college that offered an associate’s degree in medical laboratory technology. It’s a good, solid career choice, but, after one class, I changed my mind again. That’s how I arrived here.

I am staying at the community college to take as many English courses as possible, and earn my associate’s in arts. I will then transfer to a bachelor’s program in English. My goal is to one day become an editor and published author (possibly).

So how did I get here? I went from science fields to English. As I said, I love to read and I love to write. I would always write to relieve stress or to cope with anger or depression. I wrote poems and in journals all of my life. I loved writing papers, and have been known to “ramble on” in my writing. I finally decided to turn my passion into a career. Simple as that. I love writing as a means of escaping my reality, much in the same way I love to read. But with writing, I am in control. I can share a message or create a story that has never existed before. It actually feels quite powerful, to be honest.

I may never get anywhere with my stories, but at least they are out there. It brings me comfort to string sentences together into a meaningful thought. I hope at least one person is comforted by reading my writing. If I can help one person, I will feel successful.

The moral of my story is that you really don’t have to have things figured out while you’re young. I may change my mind a fourth time, and I’m okay with that. I am turning twenty years old this year, and my life has been chaos since graduating high school two years ago. I’m married to a man I met four years ago. We moved in together two years ago. I was in a car accident two and a half months ago that could have killed me, but I escaped with a hurt foot and chest contusion. Life is unpredictable.

My best advice for you would be to turn your passion into something that makes you money. I love to read and write and help people. I can do all that by being an editor and author. Don’t decide to do something because others want you to or you are scared people might not agree with you. Do it because you want to, and, whatever it is, make sure it makes you happy. Don’t choose something “safe” or in demand. Get out there and chase your dreams.

My husband has not figured out what he wants to do with his life, and that’s okay, too. He graduated high school two years ago, and he still has his entire life ahead of him to decide. If you want to take a year off or two, go for it. It won’t hurt anything. If college isn’t right for you, don’t go. Higher education is not for everyone nor is it feasible for all of us. Just do you, okay? If you are truly happy, nothing else should matter.


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